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Gothic Feature ~ Dark World - All things Gothic & Occult in nature. Goths, Banner Exchange, Aleister Crowley , Bana Witt , Witchcraft , Supernatural,

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Gothic Feature ~ Dark World

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Manager: tones4cells
All things Gothic & Occult in nature. Goths, Banner Exchange, Aleister Crowley , Bana Witt , Witchcraft , Supernatural, directorys. In fact anything that is considered Gothic or Occult. New sites wlecome anytime.

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   International Gothic Metal Preview Go
Site discusses the underlying spirituality of Gothic metal. Apporopriate for people who like Gorgoroth, Rammstein, Immortal, Behemoth, Dimmu Borgir, Kamelot, Deathstars, Godsmack, Manowar, Hammerfall, Blutengel, Nox Arcana, Epica, Therion. Links to a page with 10 short petitions for a better world.
   Me 'n' Alistair Preview Go
Script for zany sit-com in which young Jerry O'Malley gets into wacky misadventures with his best pal, the ghost of Alistair Crowley.
   The Toreador Rises Preview Go
The tale of the antideluvian of the Toreador clan, known to Jareth by some...

   Gothic Dreams - romantic goth style Preview 1 review(s) — Go
Darkly beautiful clothing, mystical photography and portals to altered states of consciousness. Plus more-than-just-romanticgoth resources: Raks Gothique bellydance, punk, raver & cyber stuff too.
   SphynxCat's Real Vampires Support Page Preview Go
Support site for real vampires, those who think they might be, or those knowing someone who might be. I don't promise to have -every- answer, but I can at least give you someplace to start. Everyone needs a starting point somewhere, and someone to say they're not alone.
   Chain Mail Silver, handmade and unique Preview Go
The treasure of ancient warrior kings and queens, Anatolian silver chainmail jewelry. You can have it now, with all of its superb craftsmanship and lasting value, direct from the mountain silversmiths of Anatolia. Priceless at a price you can afford.
   Souls Shadows Preview Go
The Witches' COF is here for all of those who have decided to take the path of the witches, will be updating with wicca, working on vampires. Make this a great place to help everyone get informed.
   Real Magick and Occult Archives Preview Go
Magick, Occult, Paganism, Magick and Traditional Paganism Forums, and extensive Links for the serious seeker. Info on Psychic self-defense, creating servitors, Enochian magick, basic rituals, energy work, and more!
   O Tempora - The Castle of the Night Preview Go
Bigger & better than ever! My own fiction and poetry; information on vampires; some great Crow material; and pages on Byron, Alice Cooper & Jim Morrison. Plus loads on gothic art, music and culture.
   Errant Thoughts and Mislaid Dreams Preview Go
"Torn from the mind... Made flesh on paper" A web journal, that explores the life of a fictional character as she struggles to keep her hold on her mind in a World of Darkness.

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